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    (Oh yes, Air Conditioning will be at full blast!)

    “Succeeding in business is all about making connections..” – Sir Richard Branson, Philanthropist, Self-Made Billionaire, Founder of Virgin Group, Owner of a 74-Acres Private Island, Private Jet & Other Exciting Toys

    1100+ attended our past 3 annual parties. 1000’s of business cards were exchanged, hundreds of new friendships & business alliances were formed. Probably millions … may be even billions!… of dollars of business transactions were realized. 

    New this year: SHOW ME THE MONEY! At this Pre-Party Forum, you’ll have the opportunity to meet & discuss with panels of successful Crowdfunders, Angels, VC’s and Government Business Loans & Grants Experts on how to raise money for your world changing, innovative ideas, products & services.

    DATE: Thur, July 24 • TIME: Show Me The Money!: 4-6 pm, Party: 6:30 -10:30ish pm • VENUE: Five Sixty, 560 Seymour St,  DT

    I had a great time there, and met lots of cool people. Thanks all the organisers for doing a good job. Look forward to the next one!!
    – Cila Kwong, Insurance Advisor, Vancouver

    It was great to see so many people from different groups come together for a summer celebration – the weather was magnificent & the ability to
    meet people was unlimited.   -Maggie Mckee, Network Marketer, Vancouver

    Congrats for the organizers. One of the best meetups and networking in Vancouver. The people was amazing..thank you everybody.
    – BelenVancovuer

    A great networking event and saw so many wonderful people (again). Congratulations to Jonathan Chow for organizing.
    – Ronald Lee, Senior Marketing Consultant, Founder of Vancouver Business, Marketing & Entrepreneur Group, Vancouver

    This was a great event with a sold out attendance, delicious food and some valuable information offered by the presenters. -Sandy Chernoff, Soft Skill Trainer/Author. Vancouver

    What You’ll Find At Your Essential Networking Party This Year

    Show Me The Money! Panels

    Discover the secrets to raising money for your business from 3 panels of experts:
    • Successful Crowdfunders
    • Angels & Venture Capitalists
    • Government grants & loan experts

    Click her for FULL DETAILS …

    Delicious Fusion Foods

    Fusion is what Vancouver is all about. This year we are going to be deliciously multicultural in more ways than one!


    1 FREE Drink + Five Sixty Bar

    I see a FREE drink in your future!! With your ticket you get one free drink. After that let your imagination run wild at the fully stocked Five Sixty’s cash bar.

    Sinful Desserts

    Don’t worry, studies have shown that 2 hours of rigorous networking burns as much calories as running a half marathon! This year, we go from 4 to 10ish; you do the math!

    60 Second Power Tips

    It’s our tradition. Hear live from local power business influencers sharing, in 60 seconds, powerful life changing tips that will impact the way you live and do business. Your bottom line will thank you!

    Click here for SPEAKERS LIST …

    Fabulous Prizes

    What’s a party without fabulous prizes? They are waiting for you. 


    **All Tickets include Food, Dessert & 1 FREE drink at the FiveSixty bar.
    *Cancellation Policy: Tickets can be returned for a full refund 36 hours before event.

    ** AT THE DOOR TICKETS: Add $10 to the ticket prices below- Cash Only (if tickets still available)


    DATE: Thursday July 24, 2014

    • Show Me The Money! Forum – 4 to 6pm
    • Party – 6:30 to 10ish pm

    560 Seymour St, Downtown Van.


    A Panel Discussion with Successful Crowdfunders, Angels, Venture Capitalists and Gov’t Grants & Loan Experts

    What’s It About?

    So you have this paradigm shifting, curve jumping, world changing idea for a business. You know what to do and how to do it. You are 200% committed. BUT… you don’t know where and how to come up with the money to make it happen. At this special panel forum, you’ll get the answer to your million dollar question, literally.

    We will hear from and discuss with 3 panels of experts on the subject:

    • Successful Crowdfunder who have raised thousands of dollars through crowdfunding campaigns
    • Angels/Venture Capitalists who have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to help entrepreneurs realize their visions
    • Experts on Government business grants and loans



    Meet The Panelists


    • James Raphael, Raphael Quality Goods Co

    James is the principle of Raphael Quality Goods Co, an extension of the design principles of his Architectural background, combined with the skills attained through years of working with jewelry. Click here for more about James …

    Kickstarter Campaign:
    Campaign Goal: $6000
    Campaign Raised: $25,675

    • Corey Rollins, Klei Entertainment

    Corey wears many hats at Klei Entrertainment, from licensing, brand development and marketing to merchandising, convention planning, web development & design. Click here for more about Corey …

    Kickstarter Campaign:
    Campaign Goal: $15,000
    Campaign Raised: $151,562

    Mercedes-Grant   mirey Mercedes Grant & Mirey Faema, CLIQ (Crowdfunding Collective)

    Mercedes and Mirey are members of the CLIQ team.
    Mercedes specializes in campaign strategy, management and public relations at CLIQ.
    Mirey manages crisis management and marketing communications strategy at CLIQ.
    CLIQ is a team of new media specialists armed with skills to guide organizations through the harrowing new waters of crowdfunding.
    Click here for more about CLIQ, Mercedes and Mirey…

    Prior to forming CLIQ, team members contributed to the success of the following campaigns:

    Indiegogo: Fractured Land (feature film) Raised $52,520
    Indiegogo: Be Brave (feature film) – Raised $184,618
    Indiegogo: Citizen Jane (feature film) – Raised $7,355
    IndiegogoArctic Eider Society (non-profit) – Raised $25,238
    KickstarterThe Sticking Place (interactive film) – Raised $20,820

    ian-100 Ian MacKenzie

    Ian MacKenzie is an award-winning filmmaker & media activist based in the Pacific Northwest of Turtle Island (aka Vancouver). His work has appeared in The New York Times, National Geographic TV, CBC Documentary, The Globe and Mail, Adbusters, and film festivals around the world. Click here for more about Ian …

    Indiegogo Campaign:
    Campaign Goal: $180,000
    Campaign Raised: $184,618


     Darren Jacklin,

    Darren Jacklin is a world-class professional speaker, corporate trainer and angel investor. Darren is a part of VA-Angels, a group of affluent individuals looking to invest their money, from a small amount up to 1 billion dollars, in your business in exchange for owner equity or convertible debt. Click here for more about Darren Jacklin…

     Roger Killen, Vancouver Business Network

    A serial entrepreneur, Roger has raised $3.6 millon for his company Safety First Savings & Mortage Corp and $1.9 million for Brookdale International Systems Inc, another company he founded. He also helped Future SEA Technologies Inc. to successfully raised $1.8 million and secured $1 million for Natures Alternative International Inc.  Click here for more about Roger Killen…

     Thealzel Lee, E-Fund

    President and Director of E-Fund, Thealzel is an entrepreneur, angel investor and business strategy advisor to companies with a focus on strategy development and operational alignment. Thealzel is a senior partner with management consulting firm Rocket Builders, co-manages the monthly Vancouver Angel Technology Network (VANTEC) and… Click here for more about Thealzel Lee…

    mike Mike Satterfield, Yaletown Venture Partners

    Mike brings over 25 years of entrepreneurial and senior operating experience in the software industry to the Yaletown team. Mike manages Yaletown’s investment in GrowLab, ePACT, Tutela, Elastic Path, Tasktop and PHEMI and was formerly a Director of Partnerpedia and Indicee.
    Click here for more about Mike Satterfield…


    Geoff Geoff Fawkes, Advisor, National Research Council of Canada

    Geoff advises on the NRC Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP), providing business and technology advisory services along with financial support to growth-oriented Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises.
    Click here for more about Geoff Fawkes…

    Thomas-Hu Thomas Hu, Manager, Scientific Research & Experimental Development Program

    Thomas Hu is a technology professional with the Canada Revenue Agency responsible for administering the Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) program, to technology companies in western Canada.
    Click here for more about Thomas Hu…

    Sang-Mah Sang MahDirector, Strategic Accounts, MITACS

    Sang Mah is currently on the executive management team at MITACS (The Mathematics of Info. Technology and Complex Systems) anddevelops, facilitates and manages strategic accounts by bringing together all programs from Mitacs Accelerate R&D Internship to …
    Click here for more about Sang Mah…

    Sfreeman Stuart Freeman, Senior Account Manager, Business Development Bank of Canada

    Stuart Freeman is currently on the account management team at the Business Development Bank of Canada, and works with clients who are in growth or acquisition mode and provides support, advice and finance to achieve their dreams.  BDC is Canada’s business …
    Click here for more about Stuart Freeman…


    Panelists Contact Info

    Panel - Gov't 3x4

    Panel - Angels-vcs

    Panel - crowdfunding



    4:00 – 4:40pm : Government Business Grants & Loans

    4:40 – 5:20 pm : How Angels & VC’s invest their money

    5:20 – 6:00 pm : Crowdfunding – Ingredients to a successful campaign

    FIVESIXTY – The Coolest Venue For A Summer Party

    FIVESIXTY transformed the iconic A&B sound building into 28,000 square feet of entertainment.

    FIVESIXTY houses Vancouver’s most innovative visual display, combined with a state-of-the-art Turbo sound system, and five distinctive rooms are only part of what makes your experience at FIVESIXTY so special. Featuring the very best in live entertainment, unique nightlife experiences, and the world’s most sought-after international DJ’s, FIVESIXTY is where you should come play. Step into each of the venue’s unique spaces and experience why LIVE, PLAY, MISBEHAVE and TASTE are redefining music, art, food and culture in Vancouver.


      Tickets will sell out soon… Don’t be left on the dreaded wait list!




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